Thursday, October 28, 2010

something begs me,

"spend entire seconds alone
spend entire seconds alone"

I don't know.

something is begging me,
"build your hurt into statues;
build your hurt into statues!
and then
take a bat
to their whet stone;
slip and
deep inside their cracks"

do you remember when it felt
like the waves
were singing for us?
changing their shape to set us free?
now the shore
cleanses itself
for our farewell.

and your private crooked mouth-

"imagine! if we swam away entirely!
dear wife, if you only knew how long ago my atlas flipped it's page!
my sharp knife flew away!"

the sprinkler system tearing on schedule
blades of green awaken
playing melodies that don't

what was it
that tricked you
into thinking
you deserved a home?

there is nothing that might make this sullen house your home.

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