Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today I made a list of importants
it had food and water and habits and
the next time I walk away from myself
I'll make sure I find a mirror
climb in behind me
today I made a list of importants
it had dreams
and everything
and nothing
the second thing my father ever told my mother
was to never teach him a lesson
today I made a list of importants
it was nothing like this

today I found a list of importants
crumpled and torn in an aisle between produce
it had food and water, bad habits
and somehow I'd knew I'd tried this
I knew what it was like
four or five seconds in
spun like catacomb
wrapped like an aunt's christmas tree remnants
aim for the bottom

yesterday afternoon
somebody in a serious tone
turned seriously to ask me if
I'd be born
be, not been, as if I hadn't already
maybe wanted to, but needed help.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

pretty soon you'll be overstepping your need-for-validation lines
letting everyone know how lonely and miserable you are in a manner so much less charming
you'll need to start baiting hooks to keep friends.

I'd recommend you start in the deep end, that way by the time things start to seem shallow
you've either given up already or have drown entirely.