Friday, October 8, 2010

did life's dark impress prey itself positive upon ya', kid?
now where are you and where is your precious home?
are you somewhere between the difference
of the distance of you finishing dialing on the landline
and the phone starting to ring?

and so you dig--
inner-dialogue and all.

what was the dream you had, you had that one time?
when you still had dreams?
that one where you'd run away from the night and into the white and unfocus your eyes so you could see underneath your bed where
you would hide with the bugs?

where have you gone? are you still underneath your bed
with all of the ways
you wish you could have been?-

-a better sibling
a better son-

dear vessel;
your poetry is melting inside of me
inside of you
playing fossil
can you tell
you stranded vessel?

why can't you watch nature without feeling awkward?
you dirty voyeur!
just imagine you are an acorn!
a stubborn suburban substitute with clenched palms in the parking lot
feeding traffic and weather
through a colander
to hangmen
on the eights.

what was that mess
that was set
deep inside of you
as a kid?

and so I dig.

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